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Tracy J Trost

Tracy J Trost

Award-winning director and visionary Tracy J Trost's filmmaking technique has rendered him one of the most recognizable independent filmmakers in the industry. His first three films, Find Me, A Christmas Snow, and The Lamp have won numerous awards including Best Feature, Best Actor, and Best of Festival and have created a wave of audience appreciation and critical acclaim. The Lamp stars Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr and is another masterpiece that highlights Trost's artistic talent and richly-detailed storytelling. He is quickly building the success of his studio Trost Moving Pictures and his career in the director's chair.

In addition to filmmaking, Trost has become an established and well-respected author with his second book, Just Believe: 10 Principles of the Message, being released nationwide alongside his film The Lamp in 2011. Just Believe is a companion book to the film and follows the story of the main character Stanley Walters. His first book, Restored: 11 Gifts for a Complete Life, was released nationally in October 2010 and was written as one of the main character's (Sam's) journal from his second film, A Christmas Snow.

In addition to film and writing Trost has brought a live stage play to Branson, Missouri and is currently launching an inspirational community based website known as Trost is assembling a team of the best and brightest inspirational authors, speakers, designers, fitness experts, and counselors for Inspired Harbor. Everyday there will be fresh inspirational content for people from all walks of life through podcasts, articles, interviews, films, web series, and more.

Through his films, books, shows, and speaking engagements, Tracy desires to inspire people to follow their dreams and take actionable steps to make them a reality.

The purpose of The Successful Life Mindset is to encourage you to live your life to its greatest potential.

Each week we talk about valuable principles for living a life full of meaning and purpose.


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